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Welcome back for Winter 2012!

We're back on campus and ready to go for Winter 2012! Chapter retreat was just held for members to set goals and focus themselves for a new term of academics and running the fraternity. A special guest in the from of Chris Jensen, one of the Delta Chi leadership consultants who helped get our chapter off the ground 16 years ago was also present to share stories and advice with current members.

Teambuilding exercise during retreat

Our first event of the term is of course the traditional Delta Chi LAN Party. Look around campus for the posters, or check out our Facebook group for details on the location and time!

Brothers hard at work planning events

Don't forget to check our calendar for details on all our events!

End of Summer 2011!

Heading into finals, the chapter gathers at Famous Dave's for the traditional Reading Day Brotherhood Lunch! Good luck on finals, everyone!

Gathered in front of the awesome DX Sign!

Summer 2011 Initiation

For Summer 2011, the chapter initiated four AMs, and put three men through the alumni ceremony. These men were initiated:

    Christian Schwartz of Holly, MI
    Joel Carne of Holly, MI
    Nate Irish of Algonac, MI
    Noah Gagnon of Goodrich, MI

These men make up the 26th class of initiates in the history of our chapter, Alpha Beta Class.

Left to right: Noah Gagnon, Joe Kari, Don Ebben and Nate Irish

We also put three of our members through the alumni ceremony:

    Blake Wischer
    Kyle Daniels
    Kyle Weirauch

Kyle Daniels is currently serving in the US Navy and came to visit whilst on leave, giving us a chance to put him through the alumni ceremony.

Left to right: Blake Wischer, Kyle Daniels and Kyle Weirauch

Congratulations to our initiates, undergraduates and graduating seniors alike! Thanks to all the alumni that came to help out with initiation: Grant Gunther, Paul Phillips, Leonard Nieman, Jeff Golden and Dr. Doug Melton.

Group picture post-initiation

Summer 2011 Tiki Tiki Luau

This summer, we held our annual Tiki Tiki Luau Party with the brothers of Beta Theta Pi! A fine tradition since the summer of 2008, throwing a party of this size is no trivial task; some assembly is required.

Two Brothers Battle a box of Parts armed with Instructions

The incredible amounts of labor were later rewarded with delicious Hawaiian themed burgers, complete with teriyaki sauce and pineapples!

A delicious reward!

Quite a few games were available to the party goers, but to fully emulate a Hawaiian environment, we of course had to include the ancient Hawaiian tradition of Slip-n-Slide.

Traditional Hawaiian Slide!

Sliding skills were pushed to the limit as Josh Oberhaus and Matthew Holland, presidents of Delta Chi and Beta Theta Pi, respectively, held a Slip-n-Slide race for the glory of their chapters. With a sound strategy and a low co-efficient of friction, Josh Oberhaus slid to a watery victory for all Delta Chis.

Photo Finish!

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