Flint Local

Delta Chi’s Guide to Flint



Food and Shopping

  • Red Robin – A pretty good burger joint. We eat here occasionally. Here is their site.
  • Los Cuatro Amigos – There is no official site for this place, but if you want decent Mexican food in Flint this is where you can get it.
  • Westside Diner – Also known as the 50’s diner as the entire inside is themed for the 1950’s. We eat here enough that the servers know who a few of us are.
  • The Colonial – We eat here from time to time. Good food. We usually call it the Big Lady due to the Statuary out front (yes, this is the restaurant on Corunna with the Big Lady statue out front)
  • Halo Burger – Seven days without a Halo Burger can make one weak. Its true. Here is their site.
  • Meijer’s – a pretty good all-in-one store with decent prices. It can be a bit of a drive but if you only need to stop at one store you can save some hassle. Here is their site.

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