What Is Rush?

Rush is a term used for the formal recruitment of freshmen at Kettering University in the summer. This is usually a four-week period where fraternities on campus host nightly events either on campus, at their house, or in the greater Flint area. It is an opportunity for men to meet and interact with the fraternity first hand. At the end of the formal rush period, fraternities usually hand out bid cards, signaling their desire to see a young man join their fraternity. Kettering policy dictates that a man must wait until his second term to formally join a fraternity, though bids may be returned the same term they are handed out. Howerver, recruitment at Delta Chi does not end with the rush period. We host many events year round (not just during the summer) and most are open to the public.

Associate Membership

Delta Chi does not have pledges in the traditional sense. Once a young man has signed his bid and gone through the Associate Membership Ceremony, he becomes an Associate member (AM).

The AM process is a time when a young man learns about the fraternity, grows closer to his brothers and fellow AM classmates, and becomes a contributing member of the chapter. A typical AM program last from six to eight weeks. Weekly classes are designed to teach fraternity tradition, local and national history, policies, and chapter operations. Leading up to initiation, there is a brotherhood retreat and pre-initiation nights where the true solemnity of Delta Chi and a better understanding of brotherhood are reached.

AMs have all the rights and privileges of a full member. They are allowed to attend all Delta Chi functions, vote at all regular chapter meetings, and contribute as members of committees.

The Big Brother

Associate members are asked to complete a “Big Brother Selection Form” upon signing their bid. This form contains a list of all the current brothers that have made a time and monetary commitment to become Big Brothers. A new member’s Associate Member pin, cornerstone, and member pin are paid for by their Big Brother.The Big Brother/Little Brother tradition has been a part of fraternal history for many years. The Kettering-A chapter uses this tradition to foster a strong relationship between its members. A Big Brother is simply someone that an Associate Member looks up to for guidance and growth within the fraternity. Many Big B’s are chosen because they were the one that introduced a young man to the fraternity. Others are picked because of hobbies, major, hometown, etc. There really is no wrong way to select a Big Brother. Traditionally, the “Big B”/”Little B” relationship goes beyond the association of a new brother. Often times they become close, lifelong friends. New members can often trace their “family tree” to see which founding father they are related to through the fraternity.


The Delta Chi fraternity does not haze. We take this so seriously that on top of the Kettering University no hazing contract, we offer our own, much more specific and detailed contract. If at any time an Associate Member feels that he has been hazed, we offer him a full reimbursement of all funds paid to the fraternity and the chance to leave without any disrespect. Such a circumstance has never occurred in our chapter.

“Opposed to Hazing”; Article by Ray Galbreth, Executive Director of the Delta Chi Fraternity

 Why Should I Join Delta Chi?



The Kettering-A chapter places a very strong emphasis on the academics of its members. We are consistently among the top fraternities in terms of GPA. The chapter has built a strong academic policy that promotes highlevels of achievement that are met with rewards for its members. The brothers of Delta Chi are always willing to help each other through difficult classes and subjects. The chapter hosts a weekly “Study Night” (see the calendar for time and location. Feel free to stop by for help or even just to find a quiet area to study by yourself.


The Kettering-A chapter strives to demonstrate and prove that fun can continue in the absence of alcohol. Our status as a dry fraternity has generated many unique party ideas. These include our LAN party hosted in our house on the first Friday of every term, Root Beer Keggers, and our themed party is something different every year. Every winter we host an out-of-town semi-formal for the members, alumni, and friends of the fraternity. We have made it a habit to serenade the two sororities on campus every term for the past two years.


Kettering Delta Chi has a major presence in campus leadership roles. We encourage our new members to get involved in several campus activities. Our members are involved in various organizations throughout campus. Delta Chi members serve on Finance Council and Operations Council of the Kettering Student Government. Delta Chi members are also active leaders of the Kettering Radio Station WKUF, Gaming society, Laser Tag club, as well as the academic honor societies Phi Eta Sigma and Tau Beta Pi honor societies. Recently, Delta Chi members have served in leadership positions in the Kettering Interfraternity Council.

Even if Delta Chi is not the right choice for you, we still strongly encourage you to investigate the other fraternities on campus. They are all respected groups of gentlemen that have something unique to offer. The opportunities for success, leadership, and fun available in a fraternity cannot be matched anywhere else.

To explore the Kettering Greek system further, feel free to visit the Greek Life homepage.