House Details

The chapter house is a three-story apartment building. It is owned by our Housing Corporation, and we are free to rent it to members and independents as we see fit. It contains 9 two-bedroom apartments, 2 one-bedroom apartments, and a common room. We have two washing machines and dryers that are free for use. We also provide residents with cable television and high speed internet access.

All of our apartments are furnished, and most even have dishes and silverware. All have full kitchens and full bathrooms. The apartments on the third floor also have balconies. The bedrooms have twin sized beds and at least one desk.

The house grounds have recently undergone some improvement. We have installed new security doors with key card entry to allow building access. We also have 24 hour camera surveillance of our parking lot and plenty of lighting. We do our best to keep the lawn and garden looking nice.

If you are interested in a tour of our house, get in contact with any member and just ask.